Hello world!

Hello world! We are a small company bringing a product to the market that most people don’t even know that they need in their campervans.

So about 5 years ago we were following the posts on having a bad nights sleep in self build vans with their beds widthways on , and how people were dismissing Sprinters and Crafters as a possible build option because of the width restriction of only having 5ft 10 inch at the widest point . So we had an idea but no money ,and so we enquired about having some products made. Oh boy! mucho dinaro to get the moulds made and product off the ground, so that’s when the hard work started I took all the extra shifts at work ,working 6 nights a week saving every last penny to make this idea a reality ,and eventually we got there. We looked at the existing market and the prices were extortionate and so we decided to set a price that was affordable for everyone. Please don’t think that because we are the cheapest on the market that our product is the worse. It is in our opinion the best having looked at the others . You know that if you have a bad nights sleep the rest of the day is just rubbish , and we want to bring a good day every day.

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